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I got the Power(eases)

Power is just another word for… strength? Nah that’s too obvious .. power = punch … ok look more power more impact, end of lesson

Point is power eases – power 1, 2,3,4 aka quad, cubic, quart, quint(duh!) add impact , add punch to the motion you’re doing. The higher on the numbering , the more focus there is on the end /begging / both keys depending on wether out/in/out are used

So what I’m saying is these are when you need a sine ease with power .

Think of like a curtain coming in


Or a car starting or stopping

Power3 or 2 .out

A double take


Any time you go I should put an ease here but I really wanna add impact to the first or last pose. These are your tools for that. Just change the strength till it feels right

They’re great great great eases make sure you use em at least a hand full of times in most your stuff 🙂

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