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Lucky Dee

– 3D Modeler/Animator/Technical Artist –

I’ve had a background of more than a decade in 2D animation for web, games, TV , and have slowly but surely transitioned into 3D where I can keep growing more than before. Currently a 2D Senior Technical Artist at Zynga doing a variety of work from creating, integrating Pipelines, creating Code based animation for React native, TS, Cocos, C#, and others to animating and guiding other animators to speed up our work flow as much as possible to make more stuff!

Also as a huge code nerd , Houdini is my biggest off work passion so a lot of my work here I’ve needlessly made procedural even though I didn’t have to just to see if I could turn it into a pipeline piece!


Feel free to reach out to me at designwaffle (@) gmail.com for any freelance enquiries!